This deck is meant to be influenced by our dreams and the influence on our imagination of vampires and fairies. This was published by Lo Scarobeo in 2012 with artwork by Raffaele De Angelis and have a gothic erotic look and probably aimed at the ‘charmed generation’. I did try out this deck in a reading situation and they worked well with feelings. There is a dream like quality to the card illustrations though I am not so sure the cards displayed more practical events succinctly.

Prepare to be seduced by the tantalizing and irresistible fairy realm. Gorgeously rendered and charged with raw emotion, this enchanting tarot explores the depths of love, pain, hope, fear, and desire. As a mere mortal in this dreamy, twilight world, you will be subjected to temptations and trials. Each illuminating adventure brings rich rewards as your true strengths and motivations are revealed