This is nor really an Oracle deck, more of a mediation deck. The cards themselves are oversized about 3 times a normal card size and they either have the planetary symbol or a prayer or mediational aspect. Allowing you to work with your astrology chart. The choice of typefaces and background make the cards hard to read in low light.

from the publisher

Most of what has been written in the name of astrology refers to personality and prediction. Divine Astrology presents Astrology in its true sense as a spiritual rather than predictive system. It sees personality as being an expression of Spirit, and life as being a journey of Spirit driven by cosmic forces and governed by definite laws. Seen in this way the user is no longer simply a hapless puppet of the astrological influences prevailing at birth and through life. He or she is seen as an entity who can become en rapport with the very energies that are the stuff of astrology, the Planetary Powers. It relates these to the nature of God, to other religions and to modern cosmology and physics. We are co-creators with God, and by communing with the Hands of God, the Planetary Powers, we can change our destiny for the better. To this end, Divine Astrology first equips the reader with the “Scriptures”, the planets, Signs and Houses that tell what forces we are all subject to. But we are direct expressions of these Powers and Conditions, and so are able to commune with them. This paves the way for the esoteric teaching that we are able to become as Gods. It leads onto the “Rituals” that are the Practice of Astrology, the Cosmic Religion. Like any religion, this involves prayer and ceremony, but more precisely “Invocation”. The “equipment” of these Rituals are the 40 Cards that come with the book. The seeker is shown ways to resolve problems, have questions answered, attain support and security, receive enlightenment, become empowered. The book closes with “God’s Skywriting” which demonstrates in simple tabular form how all the major events of the 20th and early 21st Century are correlated to the Cycles of various Planetary Pairs. It shows us how we are all caught up in something far greater and more universal than we usually believe.