Mystic Dreamer Tarot

This deck follows a standard Rider Waite format and the cards were designed by Heidi Darras . The cards have a dream like quality as the title implies and are meant to give a strong intuitive element to the cards . I use them actively for a while, but the design was a bit to dark for regular use with me. Published by Lewellyn Sep 2008

From the publisher

The breathtaking artwork of this inspiring tarot will transport you to spiritual realms and dreamscapes where personal introspection can flourish. Built upon Rider-Waite architecture, this deck is ideal for traditional, as well as intuitive readings. An ever-present Moon shines down on the Fool, the Devil, the Priestess, and other familiar faces. Ancient esoteric symbols have been updated with imagery that speaks to the modern reader. This beautiful and unique tarot captures the emotional significance of every card and offers an ideal gateway to personal exploration. Also included is a 240 page companion guide that introduces myriad ways to use this unique deck and features over two dozen spreads. Heidi Darras is a self-taught digital artist from Belgium who is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in art. She has studied tarot for over a decade. Barbara Moore has studied and practised tarot for over a decade. Shehas spoken at tarot conferences around the country.