Ships on Tarot cards always have an appeal to me, my father was a Master Mariner (Captain) so this sea-based deck appeals. Glad to say my dad never lost a ship, though he was once helicoptered aboard a ship to replace a pickled captain at short notice.  

This 1st edition deck issued by Barclay Mountain in the US came in a lovely wooden box adorned with the white star logo and a reproduction of one of the boarding passes.   The cards are in keeping with the period and people depicted do use archive records. There is a small book that comes with the cards but it really only give the meanings of the cards, It might have come with a bit more history of the Titanic and the people pictured. Of course, the deck has a naturally rather watery element to it. Like the iceberg Trot allows you to see that often people hide a lot more then is expressed on the surface.