The Tarot is a system of mystical divination that is around 500 years old. Each of the 78 cards has its own special significance, but when combined with other cards in a “spread” or reading, a rich and comprehensive picture of any requested situation emerges. With the Tarot, it is possible to gain insights into oneself and others. Through the information the Tarot brings, it is possible to understand the underlying patterns in life and circumstances, and so predict the likely outcome of events. This package contains a newly interpreted deck of the classic Rider Waite Tarot cards. The accompanying book, written by an expert who has spent many years studying the Tarot, their meanings and symbolism, explains in detail the meaning of the 78 cards and gives practical advice on how they can be consulted through a series of different “spreads”. The book seeks to demystify the Tarot for the beginner while offering keys to a greater level of understanding for the more advanced student.

Carlton Books 1996