Also knows as Tarot of the Secret Forest. This is an odd deck as the Tarots are colour on one side and back and white and slightly different on the other side. The pictures depict fairies and other elementals that you would expect to find, but the murky colours make it difficult to see the images and you can end up looking at the other side where a black and white drawing seems to give a clearer image. Sometimes that is the only way of working out whether the card is upside down or not. It seems to be a popular deck. Designed by Petro Alligo and Lucio Mattioli and dating form 2005 . I tried doing a reading with them but rthey just did not work for me. The only advantage is that you do not to worry about getting this deck back the right way round.

Evoking forest scenes, insects, and fairies, this gorgeous deck taps into the primal power of Mother Nature. Bearing color images on one side, black-and-white on the other, these cards will help you soar to new divinatory heights. This tarot can be used in special spreads that involve using both sides of the cards.