Teen Angel Cards

Not really an Oracle or Tarot deck more of an inspiration deck. I can’t see any Teenagers wanting a deck like this, as it seems more for children. Written and designed by Diana Cooper and published by Findhorn and seems to have Manga influenced cartoon faces.

From the publisher

This edition of the Teen-Angel Cards uses the superb manga illustrations of Norbert Pautner . These beautifully illustrated cards represent 52 different angelic qualities that can be used for guidance, inspiration and affirmation. The cards are aimed primarily at pre-teen and teenage girls from 10 – 14 who will love to share the messages the cards offer, picking an angel to guide them during their day. The messages address teenage life, with all its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and, in tuning into the higher vibrations of the angelic realms, can help teenagers discover in a playful way a powerful tool for their own growth and spiritual well- being.