Book of Shadows Tarot deck by Barbara Moore Subtitled As Above So Below and volume 1 this deck produced by Lo Scarabeo and issued in December 2013 draws on wiccan and pagan themes, though is not adverse to include eastern imagery. The pagan fire festivals are included, and the minor arcana are assigned their elemental names. I tend to like wiccan decks, but for me this deck fails as there is no light in the imagery. There are 4 artists named on this deck and that for me gives a disjointed feel. I know this is a fairly popular deck and available from Treadwells, Atlantis and the usual suspects.

From the Publisher

As Above, volume one within The Book of Shadows Tarot Kit, is now available as a standalone deck. This powerful tarot is lovingly crafted upon Wiccan beliefs and practices. On this magical journey, encounter beautiful gods and godesses, joyous Sabbat celebrations, spell-weaving rites, and vivid scenes central to Pagan spirituality. From the suits—represented by air, fire, water, and earth—to the major arcana, the tarot’s overall structure is built upon Wiccan themes