The Visconti di Modrone Tarot (also known as the Cary-Yale deck) is one of the three surviving original Visconti deck. These cards are now in Yale University Library donated by the widow of Melbert B Cary Jr who purchased them from the Visconti di Modrone family.

The cards are larger then normal decks being about 190 mm x 90 mm. Like any deck that dates from the 15th Century, a number of the cards are now missing, and these (mostly Major Arcana)  have had to ben recreated in the similar style. It is also thought that the Tarot had theological virtues of Faith, hope and charity. On the manor arcana as well as the King, Queen, Knight, Page,(Knave) there is a also a Lady, and an Equestienne  . As the images are meant to be the family members, the extra cards may have been added to include extra relatives.

This special reproduction by Lo Scarabeo features a deck with gilt and silver foil with gilt edging. Something that photos may not do justice with. Also included is a 130-page hardback with historical information as well as the cards. A red cloth, a coin or medal featuring the Visconti emblem and wax candle and seal. The book itself is useful as it goes into the history of the cards and how they were used for card gaming, although the meanings in divination are included as well.

A full, large size, digitally restored edition of the XV century Visconti di Modrone deck. The deck features 89 cards, including all original cards and the reconstruction of the missing cards. Gold and silver foil on these Museum Quality cards simulates the original gold and silver etchings.